How To Change Your Rival’s Name In Pokemon Let’s Go Ideas

How To Change Your Rival’s Name In Pokemon Let’s Go. (i actually tried to name him blue first but then there was another blue so i restarted as it annoyed me) like liked by 1 person After beating the elite four, you get told that you have to battle one more trainer as professor oak comes in.

how to change your rival's name in pokemon let's go
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Any way to rename my rival? Anyway let’s move on to the chapter itself.

19 Pokemon Observations From Tumblr That Change Everything

Avs are basically evs except you add them to your pokemon yourself by using candy on them, with a max of 200 avs per stat, if you aren’t able to farm pokemon, getting candy will be a lot harder and would also cause you to think about who should have their stats bumped up by 1 (this also helps with not getting much exp, as a lvl 24 full av pokemon can easily defeat lvl 75 master trainers in this game due to 1av. Before you can get anywhere, your rival will barge in, telling you to head over to professor oak’s lab.

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