How To Winterize A Sundance Hot Tub References

How To Winterize A Sundance Hot Tub. 11.1 cleaning the filter your sundance spa is equipped with a skimmer basket and filter cartridge located in the skimmer/filter well. 680 series hot tub pdf manual download.

how to winterize a sundance hot tub
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A garden hose will facilitate draining from your hot tub’s drainage plug. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner will help suck as much water as possible out of your tub, your jets, and your pipes.

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Absorbent towels to sop up any lingering water from the bottom of your spa. After draining the spa, disconnect the unions from all pumps and use a high volume shop vacuum (3hp or higher), to blow air through both the discharge and suction plumbing lines.

How To Winterize A Sundance Hot Tub

Be prepared and bring a towel or warm bathrobe that you can put on upon getting out of the hot tub.Before you drain your hot tub, you’ll need to assemble some equipment:Burlington 680, denali 680, hartford 680, hawthorne 680, peyton 680, tacoma 680.Check your hot tub’s exterior for any gaps or holes.

Clean the tub and mop up any remaining water.Clean your cover and ensure it is dry before placing on your hot tub.Close the drain port when the tub is half empty.Drain water with a garden hose;

Drain water with a sump pump;Drain your hot tub completely.Else, you can just let gravity do the work for you.Get out of the spa and put the hard cover back on the.

Getting out of your hot tub in the winter.Go to your spa equipment pack.Go to your spa equipment pack.Here are the steps we recommend to prepare your spa for the winter.

How to winterize a hot tub.How to winterize a sundance hot tub turn off the power to the hot tub.How to winterize your hot tub.How to winterize your hot tub.

If not done properly, freezing water can cause severe damage to the spa.If you have a sump pump, use it to rapidly draw the water from your tub.It’s critical that your tub is completely dry and you remove all water from the jets, lines, drains and fittings.Jacuzzi) if you do decide to winterize your hot tub and shut down for the winter, here’s how.

Just make sure you don’t overfill it.Last year, my 10 year old sundance hot tub struggled to maintain temperature through the cold winter.Leave a large terrycloth towel in a lump in the bottom of the footwell to soak up any additional water that might get in.Leave a large terrycloth towel in a lump in the bottom of the footwell to soak up any additional water that might get in.

Now blow proper hot tub antigel (do not use plumbing antifreeze) into the entire plumbing system and the hot tub equipment (in the same way that you blew the water out, blow the antifreeze in).Once all the moisture is out, take one of the jets out, put a funnel with a hose on it where the jet was, and add a half gallon of antifreeze.Reconnect any of the hot tub fittings and drain plugs to keep the antigel in the system.Remove and soak the filter in chemicals.

Remove the cartridge filter from the spa and make sure that all the water is out of the filter canister compartment.Remove the cartridge filter from the spa and make sure that all the water is out of the filter canister compartment.Remove the external panels covering the spa’s internal equipment.Remove the filter baskets and filters.

Remove the tub’s external center panel just beneath the control panel.Shut power off to the system and make sure that it cannot be accidentally turned back on.Simply unscrew the tub’s drainage plug, attach the nozzle to a garden hose, and let the water flow out.Take off the handle of the massage selector connected to the pump that needs priming.

Then you can proceed to fill it with water.This thoroughly cleans the plumbing to avoid bacteria and mold growth.This will help reduce the risk of freezing in your hot tub and your hot tub’s equipment.Trip the ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci).

Turn off the power switch connected to the hot tub.Turn off the power to spa at the breaker.Turn off the power to your tub by tripping its mains on the electrical panel.Turn the power back off and continue draining the tub.

View and download sundance spas 680 series owner’s manual online.We recommend that you always have your hot tub full of water and running at normal spa temperatures (80°f/27°c to 100°f/38°c).While most people enjoy their spas year round, there is a small group that needs to winterize their spas.Why you should winterize a hot tub;

Winterizing a hot tub can be a lot of work.You can drain your hot tub using a drainage hose, or simply allow it to slowly drain out into the surrounding space.You can use your regular garden hose to do this.You have to drain the hot tub, and then it has to be completely vacuumed with a wet/dry vac.

You might want to consider a spa side towel tree, which is available for purchase at the spa and sauna company.You should hear some hissing sound coming from the pump.You will be cold after stepping out of a warm hot tub and into cold winter air.Your authorized sundance dealer can supply you with all the information, supplies, and accessory products you will need to accomplish this.