How To Trim A Palm Tree With A Chainsaw Ideas

How To Trim A Palm Tree With A Chainsaw. 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago. A chainsaw will take out much of the work of chopping your tree, and is the easiest and quickest method to chop down a limb.

how to trim a palm tree with a chainsaw
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A palm tree is a majestic addition to any yard, but just as with all other plants, it needs pruning. A video of a man cutting a really tall palm tree with a chainsaw while sitting on it has recently gone viral and is giving people goosebumps!

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Although great care must be used when operating a chainsaw, when operated properly, a chainsaw can be a useful part of the home landscape tool arsenal. At this point, you’ll also tie the other rope (that is not hanging from the tree) to the other end of your pocket chainsaw.

How To Trim A Palm Tree With A Chainsaw

Depending on the size of your palm tree, pruning shears or a saw will do the job.For the use of a chainsaw on a palm tree, there is no need for any skill.For thicker trees, the best electric chainsaw is what you want.For those of you who fall into that category;

Furthermore, also ensure there will be no damage to anything around the palm tree.Grab chainsaw and plunge it vertically into the tree, carefully balance yourself on the handle and safely ride down.Greenworks 8.5â 40v cordless pole.Helps even if not starting fires.

Home depot has extension ladders that extend up to 40 ft and cost around $50 per day for rent.How do you trim a palm tree with a chainsaw?How to trim a tall palm tree tall palm tree pruning using hydraulic lift with a basket.I personally would not go higher than 15 ft.

If the palm tree has large branches, make sure you have a clear area for falling branches.If you are looking to cut dead palm tree fronds or even seed pods, then forget the contractors and get yourself a pole saw, even if you use one just a few times a year it is likely to save you a fair few dollars.If you don’t want to completely take the tree down, use your chainsaw to cut your tree from its top.If you not afraid of height, you can rent a very tall ladder.

If you’re pruning a smaller sized palm tree, then carefully trim the dead or old fonds, flowers and fruit.Leave at least 2 inches of green on the tree.Makes a lot of loud noises.Not everyone wants or needs a complete breakdown of the entire stump removal process.

Once you have one of your ropes hanging over the tree branch, it’s time to tie one end to your pocket chainsaw.Remove the saw and make a cut on the top of the limb in the corresponding location.Runs on the inconvenience of gas.Safer ways to cut down high branches.

Sun joe swj800e electric pole chain saw.The apex of the notch should go approximately 1/3rd into the tree.The power is up to 6.5 amp which helps in cutting branches of up to 7.5 inches of thickness.The safest way to trim high tree branches is to use an using a telescopic pole saw, some of these saws can extend 26 ft (8 m) or higher.and can save time with a ladder.

The sun joe pole saw extends up to 15 feet for trimming over hangings, limbs, and even thin logs.Then use a regular pole saw or an electrical pole saw to trim the fronds.There are a few safer methods for trimming trees rather than climbing them and using a standard chainsaw.They cut through even dry fronds like butter (as long as the teeth are a good size:

This is the quick version of how to remove a tree stump with a chainsaw.Tree stump removal can be a predicament, and here are the 6 diy steps to remove tree stumps.Use a chainsaw, bow saw, or hand saw to make your cuts.When i heard that local contractors in florida were asking up to $50 to trim just one palm tree i thought i’d look into what would be the best pole saw for palm trees.

When you hear cracking, back away from the tree, use your escape route and let the weight of the tree trunk do the rest of the work.When you’re trimming downwards, carefully remove any loose blades from the tree (these blades are also known as petioles).With some safety precautions, you can do this job by yourself.You will have more control over your cuts.

You will not cut entirely through the tree.