How To Hit A 3 Wood Stinger References

How To Hit A 3 Wood Stinger. #1 plenty of club head speed. A 3 wood will allow you to carry the ball further and fly at a lower angle than the hybrid.

how to hit a 3 wood stinger
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And for tiger wood, it is a stinger that is his trump card. As with most shots, the secret to hitting the knockdown shot is in your setup.

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Choking down on the grip gives you a bit more control and makes the. Draw, fade, straight, and the first step is simple:

How To Hit A 3 Wood Stinger

Here’s how to hit a stinger shot:His low, “stinger” shots from the tee with long irons and the 3.Hitting a stinger shot takes many hours of practice.How to hit a low stinger golf shot.

However, to hi
t the “stinger” you’ll need to move the golf ball to the middle of your stance.
If you are going to hit successful stinger shots off the tee, you are going to need to fill the following three requirements.If you go through my article you will get to know about golf stinger, how to hit a stinger, its benefit, and some tips.If you normally position the ball directly in front of you, move it a little to the left.

In the video below by callaway golf, pro golfer nicolas colsaerts gives three tips to hit an accurate long iron stinger that will run down the fairway.It does become an easier shot once you have good control over the ball.It should be between the center of your body and your left foot.It takes enormous talent and skill to play the stinger like woods does, but most amateurs can learn a modified version.

It’s a secret weapon for finding the short grass and hitting.It’s necessary to have optimum control of your club.Let’s face it, somedays, your driver swing just isn’t there.Line it up with the left part of your chest.[1] x research source place the ball a little farther back than you would with a driver.

Made famous by tiger woods, the “stinger” is an extremely low shot hit with a wood, hybrid or long iron.Nick clearwater has two tips to hit it.Nicolas colsaerts, with the ball back in his stance, shows tips to hit the low iron “stinger” tee shot.Now that the ball is back in your stance your instincts will.

Perhaps an inch or two further back than your normal ball position.Placing the ball this way helps you hit down towards the ball.step 2, take a.Play it one ball further back in your stance tiger says the shot can be played in any direction:Play the ball one golf ball.

Put the ball back in your stance.Set up in a slightly narrower stance than normal.Start with the ball back in your stance.Step 1, put the ball slightly to the left of center.

Take an extra club or two and grip down on the club so that a few inches at the top of grip stick out past your left hand.The average distance for a 3 wood is around 215 yards.The ideal 3 wood ball position is to have it directly below the logo of your shirt.The shot’s low trajectory makes.

The stinger is a great option when playing a short par 4 where accuracy is paramount.The stinger isn’t just for tight holes or windy days.The stinger shot usually hits the golf ball off the tee.This change in ball position will have you setting up with your hands ahead of the ball creating more shaft lean, which is necessary to keep a shot low.

This is not a shot that is going to work effectively unless you have.This shot is best reserved for when you need to fit a.Three requirements of the stinger.Tiger woods is known to use a stinger a lot.

Tiger woods made the low ‘stinger’ shot famous.To hit the perfect stinger shot, follow these tips:Typically your ball position off the tee is just off the inside of your lead foot.Unlike hitting a nice lofted shot you’ll need to put the ball back in your stance.

Use your normal ball position.Using a 3 wood to hit a stinger is the correct club to use, but a high 3 wood is not a stinger golf shot.You might do it if you are hitting into a strong breeze, but in that case it’s probably better to just hit more club.You need to learn to control the trajectory of the shot so that it is deliberately low, rather than high, to hit a true stinger.