How To Clean Moxie Magnetic Lashes Ideas

How To Clean Moxie Magnetic Lashes. Apply the lash shampoo and use the brush to clean the lashes. Apply your moxielash magnetic eyeliner along your lash line and let it dry for one minute.

how to clean moxie magnetic lashes
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As long as i clean the magnets and put the lashes back in their case every night, the lashes last me over a month. Be careful not to touch or scratch your eyeball.

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Be sure you are holding the band, and not the lashes or magnets as this could damage your moxielash magnetic lashes. But when you can’t get in to see a pro for a set of extensions and/or don’t want the hassle of dealing with the often annoying false lash and glue combo, magnetic lashes offer the perfect alternative.

How To Clean Moxie Magnetic Lashes

Hold a mirror at chin level and look down as you slowly make contact between eyeliner and magnetic strip, making sure to align the middle of the band with theHow to clean moxie magnetic lashes.How to remove moxielash magnetic eyelinerI do have my favourite everyday lashes and i also have coloured and thicker versions for special occasions.

I ordered several pair and if you keep them clean they will last a long time (just clean the magnets after use).If there is any dried magnetic liner stuck onto the magnets, you can also use your thumb nail to scratch them off as much as possible.In addition, after using magnetic lashes, you can gently wipe them down with a damp cotton ball to remove any mascara/eye makeup residue before wearing again.Instead of relying on two rows of magnetized false lashes, hunter created the lashliner system, which calls for magnetic eyeliner and just a single row of magnetic lashes.

Iron oxides can be found in a variety of makeup and skincare products, such as eye shadows and traditional eyeliners, and are regulated by the fda.It also moisturizes the lashes which is important if you’ve invested in high quality magnetic lashes.It comes with a brush to clean the lashes which is really helpful.It’s the newest innovation in lashes engineered by moxielash.

Just apply the liner, let dry, and the lashes softly ‘click’ onto the liner!Magnetic lashes and liner will also do no damage to your natural eyelashes.Nanogrip technology is not glue.Now, the most exciting thing about moxie lashes is the range.

Omg what a game changer!!One two lashes can be used indefinitely with proper care (if you want to keep using them, of course).Place the false lashes on a clean towel and douse the end of your cotton swab in alcohol or eye makeup remover, squeezing off any excess is a part of the amazon associates which is an affiliate advertising program.

Products we recommend may use affiliate links.Put your lashes back into the box they came in.Remove lashes from case and gently bend the eyelash band to make it softer and contoured to your eye shape better.Set the lashes out on the paper towel.

Shop 40+ unique lash styles now.That way you can get the clean line you’re used to, and you won’t waste any of the product trying to perfect your winged look.The industry’s first 10 magnet lashes and waterproof magnetic eyeliner by moxielash®.The lashes should never be pulled off the eyes.

The liner does not go on your lashes like mascara, just on your eyelids.The magnetic lashes are removed by using the thumb and forefinger to slide the magnetic strips apart.The only dangers of magnetic eye lashes & liner.The only time you should not wear your magnetic lashes and eyeliner is in an mri and while being scanned by other medical equipment.

The rubbing alcohol helps dissolve most of the mascara and in the process disinfects them.Then i found moxie lash with the magnetic liner!!They may also be used with mascara provided the lashes are gently cleaned after wearing.They stay on all day!

They’ll be ready to help you slay the day the next time you use them!This site is dedicated to provide a helping hand with your daily beauty routine.This would be a good ” inbetween” cleaning for when you don’t want to get all the stuff out to deep clean/ disinfect them.Throw away any lashes that you used at about the time you got the infection or irritation.

Wash your hands before touching your eyelids.Watch them immediately lock into place.We’re all for lash extensions or a good set of falsies.While magnetic lashes solve a lot of application problems of glue on falsies, they have been known to be a real pain in the butt to put on.

With over 25 uses per lash, we guarantee that you will absolutely love lashies.You can adjust your lashes as needed to get the correct placement.