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How To Brush Cats Teeth Reddit. / once your cat is comfortable with the dry brush on its cheeks, angle the brush slightly so that it goes into the mouth. 2.5m members in the cats community.

how to brush cats teeth reddit
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Actually only solo, my 3 year old ragdoll gets the hard stuff. After 3 months, i’m to the point where i can brush both sides of her teeth on my own, though since she has a tendency to lick to one side, i’m able to brush one side a bit more than the other.

7 Great Ways To Keep Your Cats Teeth Healthy With Images

And yes i *try* to brush my gang’s teeth once a week. At six months old, my rescue kitten was diagnosed with lower urinary tract disease (he was peeing on my bed, which was the reason for the visit) and fairly severe gingivitis (i guess fr genetics), so he went on meds for a week, has a diet supplemented with wet food every night, added a water fountain, and were told to brush his teeth and give him dental treats.

How To Brush Cats Teeth Reddit

Even if you only get 2 or 3 strokes in, it’s better than nothing and it’s an ongoing process that.Every day, put a dab on your finger, and let him or her smell and lick it.Feline toothpaste (human toothpaste is not safe for cats) rewards (either an edible treat or a drink from her favorite water faucet) week has searched the internet to find some great cat toothbrushes and toothpastes, they are listed below.

Haha the look is amazing.I also pick off any tartar build up off her teeth and at her age her teeth are still pearly white without any gum inflation.I brush both of my cats’ teeth daily, so i go through a lot of cat toothpaste.I brush his teeth every day.

I feed them only dry food and give them tartar control treats.I have been out of toothpaste and haven’t brushed them in about 3 weeks but i do also have a set of dental picks and will pick off the hard plaque that shows up on their teeth.I keep reading that i should be brushing my cat’s teeth.I only brush kingston’s teeth.

I really didn’t think it was going to be possible but he surprised me.I started because he has stomatitus but now that i know how to teach a cat i will probably brush all future cats teeth.I started when he was 11 months old.I think you disturbed her nap time.

I’ve been thinking about trying coconut oil to save some $$$ on the cost of toothpaste.If you have one of these cats then a rubber brush may be for you!If your cats would let you go ahead and brush them.It was a big fire, so firefighters didn’t make it a priority to save the pets but they.

I’ve recently begun reading about it, and it seems everywhere says to brush regularly as soon as teeth erupt (aka 2.5 months ago).Kronos gets the toothpaste from petsmart also.Leave the brush and toothpaste out where the cat can inspect them.Let your cat become familiar with the smell of the toothpaste.

Massage your pet’s lips, teeth and gums.My cat pinky loves to jump in the kitchen sink in the morning, she prefers to drink from the running water even though she has 2 water bowls.My oldest cat mitzi, she’s 14, her teeth look great!Not every cat should get its teeth brushed.

Ok, that last one is a little scary, but you get the idea.Only do the outside of your cat’s teeth, don’t bother going on the inside of the teeth, as their tongue can pretty much take care of that area.Op, your post has not been removed.Our pets all died (2 cats and 2 parrots).

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Rubber nubs help to massage the skin and distribute healthy oils for a shiny coat.Situate your pet in a comfortable position.So i have a special little tooth paste that helps with that in the cabinet, but what works better is a mouth wash that you put directly into their water bowl.Some cats seem to hate the mere sight of a brush or comb.

The only time i brush my cat’s teeth, is if it looks like they’re getting a gum disease:These are great because the enzymes will work on breaking down plaque without the need for actual brushing action.These brushes feel completely different compared with the metal teeth or bristles of other cat grooming tools.This is a sub for professional veterinary advice, and as such we follow strict rules for participating.

This is an automated general reminder to please follow the sub rules when discussing this question:.To make the process of getting your furry friend used to having his teeth brushed easier, start.Using just your fingers, massage your pet’s lips in slow, circular motions for up to 1 minute once or twice a day.Wow i have never heard of that.

“there are some conditions in cats, such as feline resorption lesions or chronic.