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How Can I Talk To Someone At Social Security. 1, and that means you will be that age for the full month. 2, 1960 — which means you’ll blow out 62 candles (or one symbolic candle to represent your 62 years) on feb.

how can i talk to someone at social security
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A social security recipient needs to have lived throughout the full month to qualify for the corresponding monthly payment. A social worker can help with your disability application, depending on your relationship with them.

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An appointment is not required, but if you call ahead and schedule one, it may reduce the time you spend waiting to speak to someone. Before we can stop someone’s check, they must be in jail throughout a full calendar month (for someone receiving supplemental security income payments), or they must be both convicted and confined for more than 30 continuous days (for someone receiving retirement, survivors, or.

How Can I Talk To Someone At Social Security

Even if you have the.For all other cases, the surviving spouse will need to call social security and schedule an appointment to apply for survivors benefits, sherman said.Give them a chance and they may be able to help you.However, if you have any doubt about what you’re being told, it’s time to escalate.

If the recipient received social security payments by direct deposit into a personal bank account, the social security administration will, upon notification of the death, reverse the deposit.If you are seeing a social worker for counseling, they can provide their counseling notes as part of your medical records.It’s not entirely a scam because you’re not paying them any money.Just as it’s hard for adult children to take away their parent’s car keys, it’s a tough call for a social security staffer to remove a beneficiary’s control over his or her social security.

Many of our services are now available online, like applying for social security benefits, requesting a replacement social security card, getting your social security statement, and benefit verification letter.Order a free credit report you can order free credit reports annually from the three major credit bureaus (equifax, experian and.Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the social security office locator.Provide the deceased person’s social security number to the funeral director so they can report the death to the ssa.

Say you were born on feb.So can i call the ssa?So your next step might be to call.Social security will say you reached 62 on feb.

The best option for those seniors who depend on their social security as a single and only source of income is that they should apply to a different social security service called ‘supplement security income’ or ssi.The motley fool’s $16,728 social security bonus report is all but a scam.The next time you call (or visit) your local social security office, you’ll speak to a service representative.The number may appear under show additional office information.

The social security publication “a guide for representative payees” has more information on payees’ responsibilities.They can help you fill out the paperwork, help you gather your medical records, and may provide you with a ride to the social security office or to your doctor appointments.They will make contact via letter only and you will have the opportunity to appeal the denial letter by filing a reconsideration appeal within 60 days from the date of the denial letter.They’ll send you the silly report.

Today, you can apply for benefits, check the status of your claim or appeal, request a replacement social security card (in many areas), get an instant benefit verification letter, and much more.We are constantly expanding our online service offerings to give you freedom and control in how you wish to conduct business with social security.We ask that members in our blog community work with our offices with specific questions.We have an appointment of representative form that you can use.

We realize that each person’s situation is unique.While we are unable to answer questions in.You can also contact your local social security office.You can also look for answers to your questions on our frequently asked questions page.

You can speak to a social security representative between 7 a.m.You cannot do this online.You could start benefits with a check for february, at the 70% payout.You must sign a statement naming (or in other words “appointing”) your representative.

You’ll need to bring proof of your identity.