NerdyLab Supports Net Neutrality. You Should Support Too If You Want To Access Internet Freely!

As long as you are on our website and able to read this post there is net neutrality, but under Trump’s FCC planning to remove Net Neutrality, it will give cable companies and ISPs enough right to do speed throating which will slow down many websites who don’t ISPs to put their website on the fast lane.

Internet cable companies will have supreme power to do anything that benefits them. They will be able to put new fees on companies for their website to be accessible to the world.

They can simple block websites that do not in their mindset or if they don’t own that company. Steemit and many other websites who support freedom of speech are uncensored.

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Twitch, Netflix, Internet Association, Mozilla, OkCupid, College Humor, Vimeo, Airbnb, Reddit, ACLU, Kickstarter, ETSY all support Net Neutrality and are against cable companies from stopping it.


If you support Net Neutrality you should now go to any of these websites and support it.


Telecom and Cable

AT&T said in a blog post Tuesday that it’s joining the protest, because it supports the the principles of net neutrality. But the company said it still opposes the legal framework the FCC has adopted. It’s asking Congress to take action to make net neutrality rules law. Verizon also released a statement today saying it also supports Congress taking action. AT&T sued the the FCC over the 2015 rules and Verizon sued the FCC over rules the agency adopted in 2010. Comcast has also put out a similar statement in a blog expressing its support for the principles of a free and open internet, but stating it doesn’t agree with the current classification of broadband.

Here is what the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is saying to the FCC on their website

“Dear FCC,
The FCC should stand up for Internet users by safeguarding net neutrality.

The FCC should throw out Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to hand the telecom giants like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast the legal cover to throttle whatever they please, stripping consumers of the necessary access and privacy rules we fought for and so recently won.

I’m worried about creating a tiered Internet with “fast lanes” for certain sites or services because

-users will have fewer options and a less diverse Internet.
-ISPs could have too much power to determine what I can do online.

Thankfully, the current FCC regulations ensure that Internet providers can’t slow or block customers’ access to certain websites or create Internet “fast lanes” by charging websites and online services more money to reach consumers faster. That’s exactly the right balance to make sure competition in the Internet space is fair and benefits small businesses and consumers as well as entrenched Internet companies. Pai’s proposal would transform Internet providers into Internet gatekeepers with an effective veto right on innovation and expression. That’s contrary to the basic precepts on which the Internet was built.”