FromScratch – An Auto-Saving Notepad

Most of the bloggers around the world have a common problem: Loss of data. Most of them lose their articles because their computer’s battery died or the online text-editor that they are using refreshed randomly! But fortunately, there is FromScratch for that.

What is FromScratch?

It’s an open source project made by Kilian Valkhof. The main feature is while you’re taking a note on that application, it saves automatically. So you don’t have to worry if something happens suddenly to your computer! Here are the features of FromScratch:

  • Small and simple, all the focus is on the text you type
  • Saves on-the-fly, no need to manually save
  • Automatic indenting
  • Note-folding
  • Use checkboxes to keep track of your TODOs
  • Replaces common syntax with symbols, such as arrows
  • Free

Features Source

FromScratch is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. You can use this link to download it: Download now!

If you’re a developer, make sure to check out the source code via this link: Github