Best Web Development Tutorials for Beginners

If you wanna start Web Development and you don’t know where to start learning coding, then this article is for you.

Web Development is not hard as you might think. It just needs some concentration and practice! The most important part is where you are learning because not every source of learning is good on the internet. Fortunately, I will be talking about some good sources where I started coding!

#1 The New Boston

The New Boston is a YouTube Channel made by a guy called Bucky Roberts. He almost has any kind of programming language tutorials for beginners. He teaches very well, and you will also laugh sometimes at his jokes!

#2 Codecademy

This site was one my favorites! You can learn Web Development by using their online text editor and do some tasks while you create a real-world web application. If you don’t have problem to pay few bucks for extra features, go for it! Link: Codecademy

#3 W3Schools

W3schools is a site that I still use it in my everyday coding life! Whenever I forget something and wanna check about it, I open up this site and get whatever I need! Opening a site to remember something is not bad! Just use it while you code your first websites and see the results later!

#4 Udemy

Udemy is not only for web developing, but for anything that you want to learn. The teachers there are professionals and you will be satisfied after you take some courses! Most of them are paid but trust me, you will love it!